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Sabino Solar Solar for the Old Pueblo



There is a lot of information out there regarding solar.  Here is a quick primer to give you a little insight on how it works.  


The gist of of solar is that when the sun shines on the solar panels they create DC electricity.  In order for that power to be used within your home or business it needs to be converted AC electricity.  This is done with an inverter.  From there, the power goes to your main electrical service so that it can be used by you. This is referred to as “grid tied” solar electric system.    

The solar system generates power during the day.  When you generate more power than you are consuming your TEP meter literally spins backwards.  This is called “net metering”.  At night time there is no solar energy produced for obvious reasons. However, since you have a grid tied solar electric system you can use the power from the grid. The upside to this is that night time utility rates are less expensive than daytime rates.  As well, when you generate power during the day that is typically done during peak hours.  Your solar electric system offsets those more expensive “peak hour” rates with free solar energy.  How cool is that!

The key to all of this is to have a properly sized system.  It is never a good idea to be oversized. The best system to have is one  that will offset  your  daily  usage.  That  is it. Petty simple!


So give us a call to get your get your solar electric system.