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Thinking About Getting Solar For

Your Tucson Business or Home?


Then you are at the right place.  Whether you are just looking for information or you are ready to get solar installed on your Tucson home, you will find everything you need on our website. We are Sabino Solar and we are proud to be installing solar panels for families and businesses in Tucson and the surrounding communities.

A typical Tucson home can use as few as ten solar panels to greatly reduce its energy consumption.  At Sabino Solar, we have installed thousands of solar panels helping both homeowners and businesses offset their electricity bills.  

Sabino Solar is a local Tucson solar contractor that specializes in solar electricity. We do every bit of the work ourselves and do not sub out any of our work to third parties.  You will see the same face from the initial free solar consultation to taking the ladder down at the end of the day. We know that is not the case compared to some unnamed solar conglomerate found in the local big box home improvement store.   

Utilize local Tucson Electric Power rebates and Federal Solar Tax Credits to your advantage.


Tucson “Green Homes” are in demand because of the monthly savings on electricity from the solar energy.  


You will begin saving money instantly the moment the solar system is installed on your Tucson home.



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